Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Therefore I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her."-Hosea 1:14.

I was spending time in the word today and I was gently reminded of this passage. How sweet it is that our father does this. I feel like this is my life right now! He calls us to these places of stillness, no matter where it may be or what is looks like, and he speaks quietly into our souls. I love this and it makes me smile thinking that He finds me worthy enough to do this with even me! There are many many days when I feel so undeserving of this but despite that He continues to draw us closer to Him, even if it feels like the desert. I want to always be ready and waiting to listen to His still, small voice.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

crazy love.

so i just finished reading crazy love. it has been something i've wanted to read for a while, i borrowed if from someone and it was sitting on my bookshelf forever and i finally just gave it back because i didn't think i would ever read it...or that i would ever have time. but i've had time here and i'm so thankful that i read it. if you haven't read it, you should! it's a convicting book but more than that it is encouraging and makes me want to get moving on really following the commands that our Father gives us. it really allowed me to put my life in check, to lay it all out and really ask myself what i am doing to further the kingdom. next on my list is Radical...i brought it with me and just started it but I had to pause to blog just so i wouldn't forget what i wanted to talk about :) i am definitely one of those people that hears an idea, and wants to do it right then. I get really excited about opportunities or things that come up...and i would say that sometimes i get ahead of myself with making "my" plans and being so sure that they are going to work out that way. you would think that by now i would realize that i'm not in control, and that when things come up i would take them to the one who knows me better than i know myself first. i'm hoping i am on the way to really realizing that and living it out. i think i've said before but being here has given me alot of time to think. this week the enemy has really been after me with anxiety and stress about my future. where am i going to get a job? where am i going to live? with who? knoxville, nashville, murfreesboro? somewhere i haven't even thought of yet? i feel like there are so many questions and i really have NO idea. i have things i would like to do but are those selfish things that i am thinking of? i really don't know how to figure it out. i was sitting earlier listening to music just playing all of these options out in my mind and it just hit me that i have absolutely no control. yes there are things i can do to guide me in certain directions and i really do believe that the Father gives us desires and things that we want to pursue but i want to be actively laying those before his feet. some things i don't want to lay there. why do i think that i can handle it better? blahh i feel like i am just rambling about how i don't know what to do with my future and all of the sudden it hit me that i have no control. buh kinda scary but ultimately humbling. guess thats a good place to be..right?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

life in the rock

so it has been a while since ive written anything on here, life in the village has been crazy! Each day becomes more and more normal and I am realizing how quickly my time here is going to pass. Its crazy im on my third week here..Dad has really been taking care of me, keeping me safe and healthy and I am truly learning to see His hand in the little things each day.

My internet modem has been broken for the past week or two so I have had lots of down time to read and spend time in the word. Ive been able to go to my familys house and use theirs whenever I need it, and occasionally I can pick up their wifi on my phone with it sitting in the window, which is what im doing now :) The girls have a kindle that they leave at my apartment for school so I started reading crazy love last week. I feel like I am behind the times in reading this but WOW..i couldnt put it down today, I am still trying to untangle all I have taken in from that book. Ive also had my fair share of karen kingsbury that kept me company up to this point :)...i am missing mckays at this point to get the next one!

I thought I would use my netflix to watch 24 while I was here but no internet at my apartment mixed with a slow signal even when I did have it means no netflix...i hope my friendlies at home are getting good use out of it though! So since 24 isnt an option, I opted for the cosby show. Something I never thought I would watch every season of but my family here has them all and lets me borrow them. I spend alot of nights laughing outloud to myself in bed...i am almost on season 3!...its the little things :)

Ive made a few friends, exchanged phone numbers with some people and I started a new hobby, knitting! Ive been going (whenever there is time) to the "netty". Its a place here where girls go every afternoon to do crafty things like sew, knit and crochet. Its so fun and I am slowly learning, they have been a big help. Its also been a good opportunity for me to practice some language and they get in some good english lessons!

Sometimes during the week we travel to villages by car...my seat is in the back :) bumpy, unpaved, small roads arent good for the weak stomach so ive become good friends with drammamine. All I can do is laugh now when im bouncing out of my seat and all around in the back. Alot of the roads here arent paved so there are parts where you have to go through just rocks and water..always reminds me of oregon trail...good thing we dont have to worry about the oxen or wagon turning over :)

I feel like this post rambled but im trying to update everyone...i dont even know if many people look at this but I love to read your comments..its always encouraging to me. Know that im thinking of each of you daily, even those I havent talked to much since ive been here...know that you all are always on my heart!!
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Saturday, March 19, 2011


life here is becoming more and more normal! each day is an adventure but i have learned to just go with the flow. life here is different than in the states...people just do things whenever they want...not many appointments are made and when you want to visit someone you just go, there isn't any calling or texting to make sure somebody is home...you just go and if they aren't there then you wait :) there is alot of waiting here too but it is becoming more normal...i have had to shift my mindset of thinking because at home I am always going and i am learning to be still here. it's a good thing but sometimes it is a little uncomfortable. i don't think that we like having silence in our lives sometimes...i know i don't. Dad has been teaching me that lately, that it is okay to be still and listen...that is what He calls us to do. It is just a lot easier to ignore at home because we are always busy and there is always noise around. yesterday i went on my roof with a book and sat in the sunshine and read...it was glorious. i am thankful for days and times like that where we can rest in His presence and be still. there are things i am waiting for and i have learned that those need to be taken before the Father and He will take care of them. He doesn't ask me to do anything except bring those desires to Him and WAIT for him to act. i am learning to not just wait but wait with expectation (however its a daily thing i am dealing with, i sure don't have it down yet) i am lifting up each of you at home and love hearing from you!! it encourages me to hear about what He is doing in your life as well!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


people have been asking for pictures....i haven't taken a ton but here is one of part of the town that i am living in...and the other most adventurous part of this journey...the bathroom :) the plunger stays over the hole on the squatty....interesting is all i can say. oh and the other picture was taken off of the roof of my apartment.

Friday, March 11, 2011

rainy day

this is how i start my rainy days in the rock. i haven't had caffeine since i left nyc and its been such a nice little detox :) but i did get some coffee yesterday so today was the perfect day to put it to good use. not the same as a keurig..and there is not tasty creamer here so we just roll with sugar and milk :) i could get used to this...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

just some things...

Golden Grahams are like dessert..I am sad I'm running low!

Using a western "normal" toilet is weird to me now...the 2 times I have used one since I've been here have felt abnormal.

Hearing dogs hunting and fighting for food in the streets at night is becoming more and more normal..

I'm learning more and more words..but most of the time I just smile.

Life is different when you can't leave dishes in the sink...because little micey friends will return if they are hungry.

It's crazy to me that some people will never experience this...or anything like it.-I want people to see how others live outside of the states.

This place is beautiful...in it's own way...it really is. I'm learning to take in the beauty of everything even if it is a dirty road or a house made of mud and clay.

I've semi-mastered the art of wrapping my head. It is a work in progress. Hopefully I can do learn to do it in 2 seconds someday.

Homeschooling is legit fun...it's like private tutoring and it helps that the girls are so precious.

Long skirts/leggings and cardigans are part of my everyday wardrobe and it's super comfy...I may be so weird when I come home.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I want to be joyful in this time.
I don't want to be counting down the days until I go home
...but sometimes it's hard.
I am glad I didn't have many expectations before coming here but I don't think that there is anything that could have prepared me for this. It is not a bad thing at all...just different.

I know who's got me in His hands and at times that is all that gets me through...I know these next weeks will be challenging but also so rewarding. I just have to push through and remember who is leading me and why I am here.

On another note..I just skyped with my great family and it made me miss them even more...but I am counting the days until my mommy gets here!!! :)

Monday, March 7, 2011


i think now is the time when i am asking myself what i am doing...i took some melatonin tonight because i can't really sleep here and i slept for maybe 2 hours before i was woken up by a tiny noise. I had no idea what it was so i turned on my light and didn't see anything so I tried to lay back down thinking that it was just something else and then i heard it again. So i get up and turn on my light again and hear the noise coming from my backpack...so i look over and two tiny little eyes are looking at me. IT WAS A MOUSE. derr i freaked for half a second and didn't know what to do. It scurried out of my bag and somewhere else in my room but i just grabbed my computer, pillow poo and a blanket and came into the other room. what in the world, how do you get a mouse out of your room? ahh and all i can hear in the streets are dogs barking and growling looking for things to eat.. its okay its okay..

Sunday, March 6, 2011

ohh africa

i'm here!! i felt out of it since i got here and still do a little but i am so happy to finally be here with my feet on the ground! everything went so well with my travel that i know it could have only been the Father! I am getting settled into my apartment, and trying to adjust to life here. it's crazy that 2 days ago (i think...im so confused on what day and time it is) i was in the united states and now i am here, where i don't understand ANYTHING that anybody says, its actually really cold despite what it thought and i'm by my little lonesome. im gonna wear out hillsong and kim walker...that is the only thing i know for sure about these next three months :) im excited to keep yall updated this way and i'm sure i'll have pictures soon!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

it's getting closer!!!

i can't believe that time is moving so quickly before i am supposed to leave! i am pretty much to the point of being able to count down hours!! i ask that you would join me in prayer now for my travels, that i would get there safely. I really am just most nervous about my traveling...i am ready to be there and beyond grateful that the Lord has blessed ME of all people with this opportunity...thank you Jesus that You do not call the equipped but equip the called.